Feb. 14th, 2012

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Happy Valentine's Day, my sweets. I am grateful for all of you.
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In the past, I've often noticed how much easier it is to clean up my eating when I'm working out consistently. I've talked to others about this and it seems to be a widespread phenomenon. When you're training consistently and steadily, it seems crazy and counterproductive to keep eating unwisely.

Likewise, it's hard for me to eat consistently well *without* training. It's almost as though both pieces are needed to hold each other in place. Acting on one without the other is so much harder: maybe it's because I'm attempting to go against the grain of my current internal alignment. When both pieces are in place, I'm feeling aligned and clear and I can move forward steadily.

Maybe the real insight here is that it's difficult for me to move forward in any part of my life when I'm insufficiently internally aligned in my feelings about it.

Too many warring impulses and contradictory feelings translate into either no action or weak, insufficient, and unsustained action.

Only when I've achieved some kind of overall internal agreement about something can I consistently move forward with it.

In terms of health, I think this means bringing a lot of different parts of myself to the table and hammering out a common vision we can all get excited about.



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