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[ profile] catpaw67 and I will be interviewed about our work with Godhooks today on Defy the Box Radio with Leah Shapiro. You can catch us at 12:30 ET live or download the interview and listen to it afterwards at or via iTunes.

You can also read more about it by going here:

I'm very excited!
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I am now part of a collective called Godhooks that emerged from the belief that all humans are born with the potential to reimagine themselves at will.

As individuals with the capacity to grow and change, we don't have to stay trapped by pain, trauma or our own past choices. It is our birthright to learn from where we are, no matter where that it is, and to use this knowledge to create lives of joy.

The members of Godhooks work together to bring individuals and communities the opportunity, support and safe space in which to embrace transformative change. We love what we do, and what we do is help people reconnect to the Divine and their own inner wisdom.

We'll be presenting at five gatherings this year. We'll also be offering weekend workshops of our own that guide small groups through an intensive process of change. When you leave our workshops, the world will have opened up before you and your feet will be planted firmly on the path forward. This will happen not because of who we are, but because of who you are.

Change is coming.


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