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A week or so ago, I had a dream in which I was racing forward really, really fast on a small square skateboard.

I was lying on it, face forward, and it barely covered my chest and upper abdomen. Somehow I'd managed to get my legs and lower body all crammed up on that little speeding square, with no idea how I was doing so.

In the dream, I noticed that I was dishevelled and only half dressed, but I didn't care. ""At least I've got a T-shirt on," I remember thinking.

Suddenly I got caught up amongst a group of twenty-something guys who were joking and laughing as they ambled slowly along. "Pardon me," I said grumpily, as I shoved my way through them, reassembling my limbs into a teetering Gordion knot. It took me a minute, but I got myself back onto that damn skateboard and shot forward once again

It's a perfect metaphor for my current method of transformation.

I'm dishevelled, weirdly situated and I've only got this T-shirt and a size 2 skateboard, but goddamn it, I'm racing forward!

Oh, and excuse me, but could you please get out of the way?

Thanks so much. Out of here!
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This morning, I woke up thinking about my focus. Most of the time, I focus on whatever is immediately around me. If I have a good day at work, I focus on the day's successes and I feel good. It's easy to build on that happy feeling and push forward towards something else I want----something that also feels good.

But if I have a bad day, or something happens that's frustrating or sad, it's easy to focus on that as well. Then one thing tends to build on another as I obsess, and I feel worse and worse.

For most of us, it's unusual to break the cycle or step in and take command of this unconscious process. But we are creative beings: we bring new works of art to life all the time. Yet why do we so rarely look at our own lives as the art that matters?

Just as I create a workshop or a class, so too can I create huge parts of my own life. If I so choose, I can spend some time every day exploring the previously unimagined possibilities that exist before me. Do I want to live here or somewhere else? Do I want to learn a new hobby? Can I imagine myself skydiving, sculpting or salsa dancing?

Most of the time, we don't even try to use our imaginations to explore all the amazing possibilities that could open up our lives. Most of the time, we stay firmly, doggedly focused on whatever is---especially of we don't like it.

But how can we experience anything new if we can't even imagine it? Experience follows focus. Most of the time, we end up doing whatever we think about doing the most, and we end up (re) experiencing whatever we obsess about the most.

I've often thought that the Buddhist practice of mindfulness meditation is a good one. It is important to truly experience what is.

But it is also important to open up to new thoughts and new possibilities, especially if they can guide us where we might want to go.

Here's your challenge for the day: find a new focus. If something frustrates you, acknowledge that fact, take a deep breath, and let it go. Instead of obsessing, use your creative power to imagine something different. Ask yourself---what else would I really like to explore? Where else would I like my life to go? Then for three or four minutes, let your imagination roll. Allow it to unfold new possibilities, new ideas and new directions to explore.

After all, your life usually follows your focus. Why not focus on something new, something strong and something good?
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Several weeks ago I posted an exercise designed to move you towards the career/apartment/house that you most desire. That exercise asked you to write out the "story" of a day in your ideal job, or the day that you found your perfect new house/new apartment.

The link to that post is here:

Now for Part 2:

First, pull up or pull out your story and think about what happened next.

Once the vision crystallized on the page, how did it infiltrate your life? Did you decide on a new course of action? Did you start walking in a new direction? What did you do differently, once your attention was focused on what you most wanted?

Even if you didn't actually write out your story, did you begin to visualize a new and different path? Check under the cut for your next move.

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If you thought about doing this exercise, but felt too uncomfortable/busy/stressed out to do it, now is the time to ask yourself what's going on.

Why would you say that you want something and then refuse to create a vision of it?

Could it be that the forces that push you towards your vision are matched by equal and opposite forces holding you back?

If this is the case, you may feel stressed and sad as you think about your vision. You may want it, but feel hopeless about ever getting it. It may even be too uncomfortable to actually think about!

However, think about this: you are guaranteed never to live out your vision if you won't imagine it, feel it or begin moving towards it.

If this is you, and you are unsatisfied with what you have right now, ask yourself if you are at least willing to look more closely at your paralysis. A good way to do this is to give voice to each opposing part of yourself. Here's how:

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Next week: Part 3
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Part 2 will be posted in about two weeks.

For those of you looking to move into a place that suits you better: instead of writing a description of your perfect work day, write out a description of your perfect new home. Where is it? What does it look it look like, smell like? Who are your roommates? How much is the rent?

Write a description of how you found it. Where did you go about looking for it? What happened when you met your landlord or the person who showed it to you? What did you love most about it as you walked through it and looked at each of the rooms? How did you know this was the place you were looking for?

What, if anything, is challenging about it?

Once your description is written, follow the instructions above.

More next week.

EDIT: If you really want to move, start culling your possessions immediately. Ever day or two, go through some of your belongings and get rid of what you no longer need. Then start packing. If you want something new, you have to start letting go of what you already have. You have to start making room.


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