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I'm thinking of everyone I love right now, and of how much I want them to flourish, be happy, have their deepest needs met and be able to realize their dreams.

May my family, my FoV peeps, my Blue Star tribe and all those I love have a beautiful Samhain and a remarkable, joy-filled year.

If your year starts at Yule instead of Samhain, you'll get double blessings from me, both now and later.
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Today my plans were derailed by a small screw that flattened my right rear tire.

Early this morning, I told Stephanie that I was way overdue for my latest oil change and service. I mentioned that I was also worried about my brakes---the emergency brake light had been flickering on and off for over a week.

Later, on our way out of a shop, Stephanie noticed that my tire was completely flat. But between her expertise and the assistance of a kind stranger, it was soon replaced by a doughnut. Immediately, I drove Magenta to a Goodyear service center.

As I waited for the bill, I worried about how much this would cost. What a pain in the butt!

But when the mechanic appeared and explained what had happened, he told me that I was very lucky. The screw had pierced a tire that was close to exploding for an entirely different reason, and the front brakes were worn and cracked. It had been my good luck that I had been forced into the garage before something terrible had happened.

Thank you, little screw. $500 is nothing compared to my life and the lives of the people I love.


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