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How about just two?
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For those who care about these things, Chinese New Year comes very early in 2012. The first day of the Year of the Yang Water Dragon falls on Monday, January 23rd.

This means that if you want to clean up/clean out all the things that need to go and get ready to place new cures and enhancements for the coming year, you'll need to move fast.

A few quick links for interested folks:

Description of the year with links to fairly standard animal sign predictions at the bottom (you'll need to know your animal sign):

For really elaborate animal sign predictions for this year, made by combining animal sign astrology with Ba Zi readings, go here:

...but you'll need to enter your birth info here first to make any real sense of them for yourself:


Dec. 1st, 2011 11:34 pm
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The talk was great. I'll write about it tomorrow. But tonight I was at a funeral directors' Christmas party, and there was a magician entertainer. The magician was very strange, but he had a white rabbit and a white dove.

After the show I went up to talk to him and said, "Your show was really nice. Do you think I could see your rabbit?"

He blinked at me in surprise, laughed, and pulled his rabbit out from behind the back wall of his set. He kept laughing the whole time, so I asked him if everything was OK.

"Sure," he said, "But I kill myself to put on a great magic show and all you want to do is see my rabbit?"

"It was a nice show," I answered, but he was right. I really just wanted to pet the rabbit.

It was soft and sweet, very beautiful and gentle. I petted it for a long time. I've never been close to a magician's rabbit before.

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Today, my Phoenix is in charge. She gets things done and connects in nicely with the Universe. I love and value Rabbit, and she is very important to me. But days when Phoenix comes out to play are really great. While one part of me steps in and saves the day, the other can snuggle back into the couch and sigh with relief.

I know I can trust Phoenix to make excellent decisions. Go her!
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I have been craving ground and structure lately. This is pretty normal for me: I am mostly water, and the strength and weakness of water is that it tends to take the shape of whatever vessel into which it is poured.

Looking around , I want to see clear and orderly spaces. I want to know the shape of my week and my month; I want to see my blank book with its checklists and musings close at hand. I want to know when I can expect things to appear and disappear again. I want to rest in the safety of a familiar structure.

Of course, I know this longing for solidity and structure is like grasping at clouds: I can create it---with more difficulty than most---and I can even maintain it for awhile. But really, there is no safety. There is no solid ground---none that persists, anyway---no matter how I may wish for it. Things unfold as they are meant to, and change is the rule, not the exception. The only real safety is to cultivate a peaceful internal resilience and a willingness to roll with whatever the world brings without losing my most important areas of focus. I guess I'd call this basic sanity: the ability to return to balance when necessary despite external circumstances.

So today, I'll breathe in and out and sit quietly with myself, grounding and centering as best I can, and noticing my cravings without collapsing into them. Today I will make a plan to build some structure into my month without investing too much into it so that it can change, too. Today I'll seek to relax into whatever the world offers in gratitude and pleasure. Usually, whatever it brings is more delightful than anything I could have planned or imagined anyway.

Waking up

Apr. 13th, 2011 07:42 am
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Woke up this morning with that sort of queasy feeling, like I want to stay in bed and not re-enter the world. "What is that?" I wondered. "Oh yeah, FoV is starting up. I'm going to grow as a human being again. Oh no!" Then I thought, "No, it's cool, this is just the normal thing that happens when I grow. It will be alright."
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I'm a Water Rabbit, and I fit the sign perfectly, except for one thing: water rabbits are supposed to be very delicate, tender and conflict avoidant. While that is absolutely true of me, it's not the whole truth. I lucked out in terms of my Western sign, and got the one that's hardest to kill or keep down: Scorpio, the phoenix.

So, while I will absolutely tremble and shake in the face of any significant challenge (Rabbit), I will also absolutely get myself up to meet it over and over again (Phoenix).
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If I had a crest or a symbol, it would be a yin-yang, with a rabbit on one side and a phoenix on the other.


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