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If you are thinking of doing a free trial on KIVA, please give this guy a look.

He's running a natural herbs/products factory in Lebanon and has requested a loan to buy raw materials and oils. He's got $900 left to raise and only 3 days left on KIVA before his post expires. As a man, he's up against smaller odds of getting his loan fully funded. Women on KIVA get loans much, much faster than do men. As a Middle Eastern man, he is even less likely to appeal to U.S. loaners.

Plus, the portfolio yield is just above 20%---reflecting a very reasonable interest rate for an international microloan. Plus, he's in a politically sensitive area (thus his face has been hidden), so I think he could use a break. He's been on KIVA for almost a month and only 11 people have loaned to him.

You can see his profile and cut him a break here:

"Nizar is a 53-year-old Lebanese married man who lives with his wife and one child who is still studying. He’s the one taking care of his family and he is looking to enhance their way of living. Nizar has owned a natural herbs factory since 2010, where he produces and sells natural products to the neighboring areas. Today, he needs to borrow a loan from Kiva Partner Ameen s.a.l. to purchase the needed quantity of herbs and oils in order to carry on his work in a proper way. In that way, he will be able to boost his productivity and earn superior income. In the future, he plans to open his own natural products shop."
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You can.

In fact, you can choose where the next $25 KIVA loan goes without spending a dime.

You too can be an international financier---by spending someone else's money.

Just go here: get your code and select your loanee as part of KIVA's free trial program.

WARNING: This activity is highly addictive. Actually, this post is a gateway drug. I just want to be perfectly honest with you.
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It took us 2 years and 9 months.

Fifty of us worked together to do it.

We loaned to 722 entrepreneurs, reaching and helping at least 2,888 people, if you assume that each entrepreneur was supporting or partially supporting at least 3 others. And this is probably a low number.

Team members, please reward yourself in some small way today.

You are part of something remarkable.
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I kid you not.

Look here:

Can you believe it?

How many other private, Pagan-inspired collaborative groups do you know of that have established and funded a $20,000 charitable fund or its equivalent?

You are among an extraordinary, amazing group of people.

And you know what?

You can teach others around you to be just this extraordinary.


We're three loans away now, though the team total has not yet updated to reflect that fact. Repayments should start coming through in two days, so those of you who have enough of them will be able to add to our efforts.
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"[KIVA is] offering another sponsored "free trial," where the $25 fee is waived. As it's a sponsored trial, the repaid funds will go back to the sponsor, instead of allowing you to recycle them yourself-- but hey, why not start here?

YOU can direct where this $25 goes at the outset!

(This batch is sponsored by Reid Hoffman, Kiva board member, founder of LinkedIn & co-author of recently released The Startup of You.)"

Go pick someone to loan to!
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As Cynthia so cleverly informed us, we've broken 17K mark quite beautifully:

So delighted with us! Thank you, everyone.
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Made my 300th loan.

Took me a month shy of five years.

Not bad, to meet this goal.
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Every once in awhile, I get *really* excited about all my KIVA loans. And then I click on some random KIVA lender with a fun name and see this:

Awesome mission. 5840 loans.

First, I feel deflated. 5840 loans??? I'll never get there!

But then I get excited, because damn, this person made 5840 loans! impacting probably 4-6 immediate family members per loan, and that is one hell of a lot of good to have done with your money. Wow!

And finally I think, "Hey, those 298 people I loaned to really benefitted from their loans. And that is good".

And then I realize that making just one loan has the potential to make a huge, life-changing impact on an entire family. And that is more than good enough!


Cool KIVA lenders abound. Personally, I still like Edgar the Cat. He's my kind of international financier:
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While I was wrapping up a grant and tending to my home front, really excellent things happened at the Blue Star Wicca and Friends KIVA team:

* We broke $13,000---remember, we started this team in June of 2009. In TWO years, we've made 483 loans all over the world for a total of $13,125.

Congratulations, KIVA loaners. Every one of you is a philanthropist/international financier.

I am so thrilled with what we have done---with what you have done!

Thank you, Cynthia, for alerting us to this important benchmark.
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I just got an email from Good Dogg, one of the most prolific lenders on I've been watching this guy via his lender page for years, thinking, "Damn, I'd like to be like him: he loans all over the place and he's having a tremendous impact on a metric ton of Third World families." Currently, he's made 40,085 loans. I mean, damn. At $25 a loan, wow. That's a serious impact.

The message he sent me opens with: "We are on the same loan--you have good taste! And you are awesome!" and goes on from there to invite me to join his lending team. I guess he must have looked at my book's website and gotten interested, because his team description talks about traveling the world and writing a book about KIVA/microloaning.

OK, I'm so happy I could just...'xplode.

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Look here to see how far we've come:

I am so proud to do this work with you!
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We did it! I'm jumping up and down with joy! Thank you, Cynthia, for making the loans that pushed us over the edge. And Laura, your loans---which I think were made nearly at the same time---were also key. They not only got us over that line, but literally blew it away---great job! We are currently at $10,250.00.

And thank you, Peggy, Cat, Bill, Glen, Kristin, Eliz, and all of you who pushed us right up to the $10,000 mark so we could leap over as a group.

I am exceptionally proud and happy.

Another thought: This contests a whole slew of stereotypes about Pagans and money. As a community, we can be both generous and financially responsible---we can take good care of our own families and contribute to the wellbeing of our local/greater communities.

This is a beautiful day.
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Our KIVA lending team is closing in on the $10,000 mark. As of this writing, we're at $9,625.00

We are four days away from November's loan repayments, and there are 43 of us---I think we'll break the $10,000 barrier before the end of the year.

You read that right: in 18 months 17 months we will have made $10,000+ worth of loans to over 360 entrepreneurs around the world. If each one has a family of at least four (a low estimate for Third World households), we will have impacted the lives of at least 1,440 humans living in profound poverty.

You did this.

Whatever you think about your current relationship with Element Money---however frustrated or powerless you may feel at the moment---you've helped influence the lives of a tremendous number of people for the better using a little of your discretionary cash.

And think: how will the success of each parent you've loaned to change the lives of their children? How many family trees have you shifted away from poverty?

I won't be made useless
I won't be idle with despair
I will gather myself around my faith
For light does the darkness most fear
My hands are small, I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
But they're not yours, they are my own
And I am never broken

I'm proud of you, and prouder to be counted among you.
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Hey "Blue Star Wicca and Friends" team members:

* We're doing shockingly well! As of now, we've made 255 loans---for a total of $6850.00 $6875.00, in fact---and we're going strong with 42 43 members.

* At this rate, we'll have made $10,000 worth of difference before the close of the year.

I never imagined that this was possible. I am extraordinarily proud to stand with you on this team.

You've touched literally hundreds of lives all over the world since we began working together last June.

I can hardly believe how far we've come in less than a year.

Thank you!
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Today was a rough day followed by a wonderful evening. The whole week has been hard for our family (work stress compounded by death, rough communication and other exciting events), but we've been reconnecting, laughing and working together in between rough spells.

Tonight has been especially good, probably because it's been so badly needed. Michael and I have been enjoying each other's company---consciously connecting, exploring each other through excerpts from our intimacy workshops and letting all the week's crap fall away. Best of all, we've been talking, listening and being playful with each other again.

We still have to finish packing for the Keeper's Retreat, but it's OK.

Finally, we spent the last twenty minutes on KIVA, looking at pictures of entrepreneurs, being silly and making loans to interesting people across the world.

I'm glad we chose to do this instead of wallowing in the week's crud.
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Sam's Club is offering a million dollar grant to its contest winner---and if you're a Sam's Club member, you can help KIVA win.

The "Giving Made Simple" competition allows Club members to vote for one of four organizations that help small businesses succeed. KIVA needs your vote to win.

Read more (and vote) here:


Feb. 11th, 2010 11:17 pm
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"To give a microfinance borrower a loan is to say 'You are fully capable, competent and, if given the chance or provided the resources, can responsibly and effectively lead a productive, healthy life.'...To give a microfinance borrower a loan is to declare a vote of confidence in the equality of all mankind and a beautiful way to close the cognitive and emotional distance imposed on individuals separated only by geographic space between the developed and developing world, not by intelligence, competence or ability."

Adam Kogeman


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