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Nov. 11th, 2011 07:15 pm
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Spent big parts of today supporting a friend. I was pretty worried about him. So far, it's turned out well, thank gods. I'm glad I could do it. As I go into my weekend I'll have one eyeball firmly turned in his direction just to make sure he stays OK. The other eyeball will need to focus on Michael. Not sure how rough the Tough Mudder will be. I'm a little worried about injuries. Michael is tough, no doubt about it. He's solid, strong and very fit, physically and emotionally. He's tough and resilient, and those things will work well for him tomorrow. Mostly, I hope nothing happens to keep him off his feet, or worse, for any length of time.

Right now, it seems like most of the men (and some of the women) around me are crazy. However, they appear to recognize their own neuroses. That's helpful. It's rough working with people who are both crazy and in denial; its much easier when they're self-aware and can see some measure of their neurosis. As long as Michael can see that he's a little nuts to do this, especially now, we can work together towards positive outcomes. As long as he doesn't break anything.

Please, let him not break anything!

Even if he does break something, we'll manage, but how would I help him with his business while doing my own work, coaching multiple clients and following up diverse book opportunities? And then there's housework. Yeah, I don't know. Please Universe, let the men in my life remain only moderately crazy. Thank you.
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On Saturday, Michael is doing his first Tough Mudder Run.

It's not exactly a run. It's an obstacle course.

The course map, with obstacles, is right here: http://toughmudder.com/events/tri-state-2011/tri-state-2011-course-map/

I'm going with him to offer support and carry him home.

He is a crazy man.

I love him anyway.


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