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I saw several framed mixed media canvases today. They were made from an interesting mix of cut out images and background paint. I liked them. They felt ethereal, a bit odd and a little Steampunk.

Then I noticed the artist's statement and I had to stop myself from laughing out loud---in a sympathetic way, not a mean way. This is what it said:

"Creating visionary mood scapes, (artist name) leads us into realms of intriguing complexity and transcendent light. Each then becomes an invitation to ones own unique imagination to explore subjective perception. The work is then a window opening onto emotion in a wordless language of iconography."

I sounded just like this a good two years into graduate school, and I didn't fully recover until much later. My brother sounded even worse. I suspect that it may be a slow recovery for this artist as well. One canvas was called "Waiting for Bus #9".

Maybe we all have to go through phases like this.
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This won't make sense unless you've read the blog entry here:

Nosotros (Us)


Or here for more:

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Every time I watch Firefly I am more gripped by a compulsive sense of adulation for Joss Whedon's writing team. I know it's not just him, because genius happens in groups more than in individuals. I imagine the feel of the synergy characterizing his team---each member adding his or her own glorious quirks to give birth to a perfect whole. What a joy, to be one fraction of the egregore that creates such beauty.

I often debate which is more stunning: Objects in Space or Out of Gas? Probably, for the sheer creativity of the story arc, Out of Gas. Still, Objects in Space is a pearl, with some of the most imaginative dialogue in the series.

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I laughed so hard reading the article below that I fell over on my bed. I have never heard of this woman, but I love her. She is deeply twisted, very explicit, hilariously funny, and just...magnificent.

1. Don't read this at work.

2. Do not drink ANYTHING while reading the last 13 sentences. You will shoot it out your nose if you do.

3. Don't click if you think you might be offended. Because you might. Seriously. Just because I love it doesn't mean it's a good idea.“balance
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Things you find when you combine a funeral director with a science fiction fanatic:

And then there was the time that Trent built a rolling version of Tutankhamon's most elaborate sarcophagus as his Pinewood Derby entry (with lots of help from the amazing Tracy).

And the next year he entered a bleeding long bone on wheels.

That's what happens when you simultaneously expose a Cub Scout to an ex-archaeologist and a funeral director.
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““Ederlezi” isn’t just world music. It’s not new-world music. It’s basically the music of all worlds and all times, mashed up into one and presented to the listener in song that draws on all elements equally to create a singular experience. ”

— C.D. Di Guardia, Boston Band Crush

This is an excellent description of "Bury Me Standing," a band I saw perform live at the Steampunk World's Fair. I walked by intending to stop and listen for a moment, and then quietly drift away.

But their eerie, electrifying mix of Serbian and Turkish lyrics and brash, quirky style of percussion sucked me into staying through the entire show.

If you go here, you can listen to (and download) some of their music for free and check out where they're performing next:

Two videos - one showcasing their percussion, and the other their vocalist:



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My understanding of my Fires of Venus work:

[In the bedroom]

My understanding of my writing and Godhooks work:

[In the living room]

Both by painter Brandon Maldonando.
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From the "Muertos" series, which draws on Latino folk art inspired by the Day of the Dead (see a larger, more detailed image here:

Here is his image of Venus from the "Mythic Visions" series (FoV participants and Cauldron Keepers, please note the flowering human heart in her hands):

Here is the larger, more detailed image:


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