Mar. 19th, 2012

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I woke up this morning needing to do a quick search to find a particular article on perceptions of charitable giving in social networks. It was from an NPR radio review three or four years ago, and I referred to it in something I wrote for the Blue Star newsletter last week.

A quick search led me to this squeeful discovery:

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I am probably the only person I know who enjoys working on my annual taxes with my accountant.

This might also have something to do with the fact that he and his wife are avowed Anglophiles and BBC fans, and he has a little TARDIS computer thingy on his desk.

Anyway, he told us that Michael's business was progressing nicely and fell squarely into the normal range of growth for new businesses. He also took us in to consult with his wife, who is his small business partner. Their consensus: this is growing nicely and on target. Don't quit! Push harder!

This assessment has eased things in my mind a bit. I like it when experienced people give positive evaluations after looking at actual numbers.

A little strange for a qualitative researcher, but there you go.

The household income issue remains, of course, and I need to kick its ass and take its name, and that is exactly, precisely what I am going to do.

Doubters, please watch closely while I demonstrate how it is done.

In other news, we have instituted the Trent financial writing plan along with a new daily after-school routine, and I will be implementing an additional handwriting program with him in conjunction with his highly effective birth mom.

Lining 'em up and knocking 'em down over here.
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[ profile] catpaw67 builds spaces and events in which transformational events can safely unfold. She populates them with social networks. I build social networks though which transformation can travel; I anchor them in [ profile] catpaw67's safe spaces.


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