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Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year: it's officially the Chinese 'Start of Spring'.

If you would like to know more about your prospects in the Year of the Earth Rat you must first find your Animal Sign. If you don't know it, you can go here to find it:

Once you have your Animal Sign, you can go here for a very detailed description of the characteristics, affinities, preferences and dislikes of your sign, as well as those with whom you are considered compatible and incompatible. The link will take you to "Rabbit"; just click on your sign at the top of the web page:

If you'd like some opinions on your prospects during the Year of the Earth Rat, check out these links. They will take you to sites that will tell you how your Animal sign is supposed to fare during this year:
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General information and predictions about the Year of the Earth Rat:
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Happy New Year!

EDIT - Added later:
(More predictions for each Animal Sign)
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Chinese New Year arrives on February 18 this year. It will be the Year of the Fire Pig. It's an auspicious year for women, especially middle-aged women, according to a few of the interpretations I've read, but there is some conflict between the Fire element and the Pig's Water associations.

General discussions of the coming year:

I've also found a few links that you can use to explore what some diviners have to say about your animal sign's prospects.

First, find your animal sign if necessary:

Descriptions of your animal sign and its compaitibilities:

(Click on the appropriate link at the top of the page)

Animal sign prospects for 2007:

The links above include feedback on all the animal signs.

This link goes to the Rabbit prediction for the site. Scroll all the way down to find the link for your animal sign.
Take a look at the predictions based on the direction your home's main door faces as well, if you're interested.
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Basic furniture placement design completed for public areas of house and my bedroom
One faceted crystal ball hung in the center of each bedroom from a nine-inch red ribbon
One hollow five-rod windchime hung over the stove
Three ancient coins tucked in a lucky red envelope and put at the bottom of the rice jar.
Red velvet cloth put on SW shrine
Rose quartz heart put on SW shrine w/2 votives in red glass holders

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Ebay has very inexpensive feng shui supplies---try it first. Feng shui websites can be quite pricey.


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