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Dusty Sue, the Priestess of Hair, will be at my place this Sunday ador(n)ing and respecting the heads and whole persons of those who come by for some Hair Fairy love.

So far, she will be seeing four people. If you want to add your name to the list, please contact either Dusty or I with the news.
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This was an unbelievably important week.

I had to make a lot of decisions about who I was and what I wanted to be, and I did.

Before I left for the FoV retreat, I bought a book on impulse. I should always pay attention to what I do on impulse. My deeper self knows so much more than my conscious self does at any given moment. To be fair, one of my Geniuses told me about it months ago and I forgot since then.

But before I left I bought it.

I found two excerpts, each with fragments that remind me of my week, of the work of this retreat, and say so much to me.

It looks like this book is going to be important. It looks like the woman who wrote it is in sync with me.

"I've watched people give in to fear and rationalize playing it safe. They circle back to the fire, eventually.
I've heard countless 'Hell yes! I'm worth so much more!' revelations. I cherish these epiphanies of self-worth the most, and seeing someone take intelligent steps toward joy, walking away from obligations and illusions that cramp their heart's desire.
This I know to be true. We are craving to play bigger, to go deeper, to shine."


"Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery channel show Dirty Jobs, sums it up in a fabulous TEDTalk he gives..."


"The Fire Starter Sessions," Danielle Laporte


Apr. 20th, 2012 05:46 pm
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Just saw a t-shirt at a NJ rest stop: "You can't scare me: I'm a youth worker."

I like it.

Mine would say "You can scare me. You just can't stop me."
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Yesterday I got the news that my dad is going in for a biopsy in a few weeks. Today I learned that someone I respect has very serious, aggressive, multi-site cancer.

The first piece of news daunts me less than one might imagine. It's for prostate cancer, which is often slow-moving and not worth touching. Of course I'm worried, but in the scheme of things---for a lifetime pack-a-day-plus smoker, this is moderately good news.

The second unfolding is pretty bad. There's no getting around this; it's very bad.

It will be important to stay awake and stay present over the next few weeks and move very carefully and deliberately in order to refrain from increasing burdens and causing harm. I must be careful, careful. When confronted with a precious and fragile thing, one must treat it tenderly, with great care and respect.


Apr. 19th, 2012 07:04 pm
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TED Talk application filed.
Conversation pushed to tomorrow.
Financial situation handled positively.
FoV work in progress.
Packing started.
Manuscript draft needs attention.

Thank you friends, for your encouragement.
I am indeed fortunate!
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I am just laughing.

Everything comes to a head today.

I make and submit the one minute-TED video (clips from longer talks made and posted).

The big conversation I've been obsessing about happens this afternoon.

The cash reserves are officially down to a one-month cushion AND, through an honest and understandable mistake, Michael's ex and her husband accidentally claimed Trent on their taxes this year---so we had to file an extension and cannot get our substantial refund until, probably, August or September.

Oh, and I need to finalize the FoV retreat schedule today.

I'm just laughing softly to myself. It's funny.

Wheeeeee! I'm genuinely amused.
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The world is in trouble now. I just learned how easy it is to make YouTube videos, edit them and post them with my iPhone.
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The plot thickens...
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Quite a few of you like the Rosetta Stone bag. I'm glad I was mistaken.
: )
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After I got us coffee this morning, I heard some plaintive meowing rising up to our window. Creeping up softly, I saw an orange kitty sitting outside under a tree. I meowed back.

I miss kitties.
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"Those who speak much are blamed, those who speak little are blamed. In this world there are none who are not blamed. Try not to blame."
~Shakyamuni Buddha 


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My favorite comic strip and procrastination strategy from grad school has been made into a movie!

[But wait! Keith says: "Another comic, Wondermark, has a coupon code to watch the PHD movie for half price: "]

[ profile] dr_pretentious, relive your agonizing experience with higher education here!

We can stream it and laugh (cry?) over memories of our vastly and artificially extended childhoods in the training halls of academia...

[ profile] showingup, you too can relive your not-so-silent horror at our heart-rending years of indentured servitude to The Man.


Best scene from the trailer: "How's your thesis going?"
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Thinking about finding a nice balance between not settling and not getting too worked up about things.

Optimal is clearly knowing what you need, understanding what you want, grasping what you truly deserve, and coming from that place in a consistently calm and loving way.

I also think it's important to be willing to walk away with a loving heart, holding no grudge, if you aren't offered what you need, want and deserve.

Pretty sure this is my next big level up.

Kind of excited about it, actually.

Pulling this off requires me to have absolute confidence in what I have to give, along with great faith that the right fit can be found if I am willing to wait peacefully for it/start looking when I am ready.

I can do that.

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Did not win the Really Big Book Prize.

But it was fun to try.
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"I've been thinking a lot about the idea of everyone having something to contribute, everyone having a role in the world, of looking at people in an empowering way instead of thinking of people as needing rescue or being helpless. That we should never, ever discard anyone. No one gets thrown away."

I'm posting this here as much as way to remember it and have access to it as anything else. This rings so true for me...

She has more to say that's powerful and true in her post, but I won't steal her words. I'll wait till she's ready to say them out loud herself. They will be even more powerful that way.


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