May. 25th, 2012

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Currently, I am loafing.

This is a good thing, a thing I don't do enough of.

While honing my loafing skills, I have engaged in the following:

* eating a fantastic sushi dinner with much laughing and very inappropriate body-related stories

* lolling about on the steps of Chaya's office, surveying the terrain with Abe

* getting up late and walking across the street to the grocery store to buy premium cheese and coffee (I really like being able to walk to the grocery store; wish I could do it so easily at home)

* driving into Northampton and go to the food coop, dashing through the aisles giggling with Abe, then with Michael, and then with Chaya and Kelly. Congregating inappropriately in front of the ice cream case, blocking traffic and choosing too many varieties to take home (very important)

* wandering about the streets getting lost while working out a communication difficulty with a friend---Michael eventually found me

* going on a fast walk with Kelly and Chaya, appearing to be quietly listening to them brainstorm, but actually sneak-facilitating the entire brainstorming session

* weeding Chaya's garden and expanding the plantable area, planting basil in reclaimed pots

* liberating 3 pots despite determined bitey ants: "No, ants!" I exclaimed, "I am not afraid of you, for I have been bitten twice by scorpions and countless stinging and leaf-cutter ants!"

* working through some of Danielle Laport's exercises in my journal

* co-cooking (so much fun) and co-washing dishes (not bad, either)

Applying a critical eye to these efforts, I think they are pretty good, but there is a big cuddling deficit with insufficient petting and energy work.

I'll have to get on this.

Happy sigh.


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