Jan. 25th, 2012

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Thanks to the clever and persistent [livejournal.com profile] karmawings:


Yes, [livejournal.com profile] jasminewind, this is for you.

I should do a post someday entitled "Things you wish you knew before starting grad school in the social sciences...or, what the fuck are you going to do with that Ph.D. when you finally graduate in ten years without a cash reserve, retirement fund or stable relationship?"

Nah, that's cruel.

There's a better way to say, "Do this ONLY if you cannot answer your biggest call in any other way...and even then, go in armed to the teeth."

Hmmmmm...there's definitely a post in me somewhere that says, "Think you want to write a book? Answer these four questions first and save yourself a lot of anguish."

1. WHY does this book have to be written?

2. Why does it have to be written by ME?

3. Why does it have to be written NOW?

and finally...

4. Is it damn near impossible for me NOT to write torment myself trying to write this thing?

If you have clear, resounding answers to questions 1-3 AND the answer to question 4 is "YES! I've tried to stop let go of it and I frickin' cannot do it," then go ahead and write.

Otherwise, just focus on doing something you really love and building all kinds of joyful relationships. If you have other options that let you live in peace and happiness, choose them.

Because writing a book is really hard, and will test your mettle in every way possible.
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Thank you, dear friends, for all your jokes and humor. I'm loving all the good things you bring to my life right now.

Special thanks for those who post silliness, text unsolicited happiness, and for Cat, who started last night's phone call with, "You might be a graduate student if..."

My friends, you listen to me and love me. I am so amazingly fortunate!


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