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Burrito Ingredients:

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It took a long time to do this alone. If you can, ask a friend or family member for help.

For me, this recipe yielded about 104 burritos. Mine were around 300 calories, and M.'s were around 350-400 calories.

It cost me about $.75 per burrito all told.

Feel free to adapt this recipe any way you like!
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I've really enjoyed Yule this year.

When I arrived at the beach on Friday night for Clover's Yule, all the mess and muss of the week faded away. Spending time with my coven decorating, ritualing and eating was just lovely.

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And then there was Sunday morning with catpaw67, watching a great movie and rowing.

Happy sigh.

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It's that early afternoon slump. Ugh. I do feel better about the diss work that I am v-e-r-y slooowly producing.

But I wish I could just sleep.

I picked 4 quarts of raspberries yesterday at the "Country Gentleman" farm and farm stand on 514. I made a yummy fruit crisp with some of them this morning. I love raspberries.

Why can't I just enjoy my friends, my life, my hobbies and the wonderful cool world without doing these damn revisions?
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I'm delighted that a whole unclaimed 2 days is about to unfold in front of me like a beautiful fuzzy red carpet. There will be work, yes, but also lots of play and fun.

There must be diss revision. There must be grocery shopping. But there could also be...

walking outside in the beautiful sun, play on the equipment, cat snuggling, a trip to the cooking specialty store in Princeton, raspberry picking, raspberry and rose geranium vinegar-making, rose geranium cake making, meditation, meditation class, potato harvest, yoga tapes and even perhaps maybe...pleasure reading.

Oooo, how to choose among all the pleasurable things I could do?
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The recipe:

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Sep. 6th, 2004 06:18 pm
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I'm about to warm up some rice and beans for dinner. Ken is home, I'm rested and happy (yes, very little work on the diss happened this weekend, so I'll be working weekday evenings---but I feel GREAT! I got sleep and exercise and I ate well and the household chores are all done).

I went out and bought an oval 6-quart slow cooker with 2 optional nonstick inserts so you can make 2 dishes at once. Oh yes. Hot healthy food shall be mine when I walk in the door in the evenings. Tomorrow: Fish chowder with monkfish, shrimp and lobster. yum! I also bought a pudding mold, a rack and crock pot carrying cases for both the big one and the little one. No longer shall I bring deli-bought food to circle!

Ran this morning, mixing in walking as necessary. Stretching before and after means no hamstring pain! Oh yes, life is good.
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I forgot to mention that in the morning when you get up and check on the beans, you should take a small bit to make sure that they are done. Cooking times will vary depending on your cooker and the exact length of time they cooked overnight. They may not be completely tender when you arise, if so, put the lid back on and keep cooking until the beans come out tender. Add in the last two ingredients (2 packets of Sazon Goya and cilantro) *only* after the beans are completely cooked and tender.
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Last night was beautiful. I decided to start off my first revision weekend by relaxing and reaffirming my intent not to re-enter crazy-unhappy-shenpa state during the next 5 weeks. So I did 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer snd then invited [ profile] vgnwtch over for a relaxing homey evening of unplanned-out laughing and pleasure.

While we talked, I prepared the ingredients for slow-cooker habichuelas (frijoles for those from Mexico or Central America, beans for English speakers). It was so cool and so pleasurable!

I haven't had the luxury of cooking much for the last year (at least). I had just started cooking again with my own home-grown vegetables and herbs when I learned that I would be doing major revisions. While scheming with [ profile] vgnwtch about how to continue to indulge in simple homey pleasures over the coming weeks despite this detour into big-time work, she suggested that I buy a little slow cooker. Hmmm, thought I.

I'm not a person with much slow cooking experience, but what they hey. The little 2-quart ones are only $8.50 at Walmart and they make a manageable amount of food for 1-2 people, so why not? A few minutes in the am would allow me to use my lovely produce and it breaks my heart to see my babies spoil from lack of cooking time.

I tried it and I love it, love it, love it! My first attempt (chicken breast, potatoes, baby carrots and rehydrated wild mushrooms) was wonderful, fast and easy. I spent perhaps 8 minutes preparing ingredients in the morning without a recipe and I came home to the heady, luscious smell of hot herbed food greeting me before I even opened the door. Wow. And boy, was it tender! Wow.

So last night I did many of my favorite things: talked and laughed with [ profile] vgnwtch while I prepared my dish, stopping here and there to pick something outside, put it in the crock. Then we ate a simple but yummy [ profile] vgnwtch - provided dinner and took a long walk in the cool, early fall evening. We spent the time talking about life, the universe and everything, and the came back to exchange massages and watch Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere" (thank you Cat!). Lovely....just lovely.

Those of you who have time in the evenings and good friends and/or lovers to laze away with them---remember that you are really blessed.

Anyway, here is my recipe, which emerged this morning stunning and tender and fabulous in flavor. I can't wait to make some rice and eat the loveliest rice and beans you have ever seen for lunch!

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