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The last few days have been like an overlap between past and future in several different ways, but one of them has to do with past friends and future friends, past books and future books.
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They're both in my book.

New books, old books, new friends, old friends. It's a eerie overlap.
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...that speaks truth:

We long for the familiar, the open
palm of love, its tender fingers.
It is our hands that tamed cats
into pets, not our food.
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I've been sick since Saturday. It hasn't been too bad. The weekend was pretty uncomfortable, but certainly manageable. I've been able to go to work and take care of business. Early this morning Michael finally got sick, too, so I ran into work early, nailed down what needed to be done and came back to help him.

So far, so good. He's been very productive for a sick bunny: he set up a new blog on Wordpress. You can check it out here:

Other than that, I don't have anything amazing to say. February is always my worst month: it's dark, it's cold, and I want to crawl into bed by 8:30. I've been using my SAD lights religiously and that's been a great thing. I'm doing better this winter than last, that's for sure. I haven't gained weight---in fact, I've maintained my unexpected loss---and I'm in a decent mood most of the time. I just itch to crawl under my blankie and go to sleep as soon as it gets full dark.

I even got out to Casa Rosada on Tuesday night to work with [ profile] cobraemt on his Blue Star Craft requirements. He did a spectacular job, by the way---cobra works as hard as any student I've ever had, and I admire his steadfastness and persistence. Many thanks to [ profile] catpaw67 and company for lending us their house, and more thanks to [ profile] ramchild67, [ profile] syndalaluna and [ profile] onyxtwilight for joining us in a cold, dark, icy weeknight circle. I want to extend special thanks to [ profile] discoiris for working with me to help cobra, and to [ profile] ixtli_awakening for pulling out all the tools we needed to set things up and get things going.

Soon, the sun will be out again and I'll be back to my normal self. Even before then I'll be basking in the summer sun of Oz. In the meantime, I'll wrap myself up in my fuzzy purple blanket and peer over the edge, thinking of my bunnies and friends with tenderness and affection. See you soon!

You, not me

Nov. 2nd, 2010 08:08 am
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Today I woke up feeling as though some of the people I love need to be reminded of their own beauty. I don't know exactly why, but I won't question it.

If you're reading this journal right now, chances are good that there is a bond of love between us. Our world is too busy for people to read the journals of others they don't bond with.

So, right now, please take a deep breath, and remember the last time or two that you and I saw each other. Chances are good that I enjoyed your company and took some form of delight in you. Chances are good that there's friendship between us, maybe even some kind of collaboration, and perhaps something more. Chances are good that I showed you how I feel about you, since I'm not good at hiding anything I'm currently experiencing.

Chances are good that you know I care for you.

Now, please remember what that felt like: What it was like to sense all the good things I was thinking and feeling about you in that moment?

What was it like to feel loved and appreciated? Chances are very high that I still feel just that way about you.

Please know that if we are friends, I begrudge you no other friendships. If we are more than friends, I begrudge you no other love. I want more joy for you, not less.

I want you to be happy. I want you to feel joy in this world.

Please remember my touch and/or my delight in you, and carry it with you today.


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