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It is difficult to be a girl. Do you take corsets to a girl weekend? If so, how many? Faux button up only, or black silk with crystal droplets? Serious boned corset, too?

OK, let's apply logic here. Chances are excellent that I will be sharing clothes. Don't know what will look best on Chaya.

Voila! take corsets.


What was I thinking? Boys do not care what you wear, as long as it is cute, provides easy access and does not take too long to put on or take off. Girls care, very much. So, duh, take the pretties.
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I have a really serious addiction. It's a bit strange for a Buddhist (/Pagan), and it's a tricky one to manage outside of festival season. It's an addiction to sexy clothes.

I think it's part of being an Aphrodite's woman. I'm guessing that if you work with her in any of her forms, this craving for sheer stretch lace, 100% silk sarongs and tiny leather skirts just comes with the territory. It's pure in the sense that I don't even need the approval of others to feel the pleasure of a beautiful, graceful, body-skimming outfit. It helps---it's very nice---but just the fact that glorious sensual clothing exists in the world and is on me---or someone else---makes me very happy. And I love seeing beautiful things on other women almost as much as I love wearing them myself. It just brings me joy.

Beauty makes me happy, in women and in men, and it gives me an almost physical pleasure to see others shining and reveling in their own glory.

Packing for Beltane is fun precisely because I get to indulge in this desire. And since I've been in this relationship, it's been even more fun (my previous partner wasn't into this sort of thing at all). As I'm trying things on to make sure of the fit I'll ask, "What do you think of this one? Was the last one better?"

Michael will slowly roll his eyes over me and say something like, "It doesn't matter. Neither one will stay on long enough to make any difference." Or he'll just grab me and express his appreciation very directly. Love it! It's so good to be with someone who really appreciates me and indulges my addictions.

This year, I'm even managing to keep what I bring down to a manageable level---not always easy to do!
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I cannot listen or watch without weeping from the beauty:

The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it
But the way those atoms are put together
The cosmos is also within us---we're made of star stuff
We are a way for the cosmos to know itself

Thank you, [ profile] siriciryon.


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