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Glorious thing of the day: I'm obsessed with stickers, colored pens, sharpies, and colorful, creative paper supplies of all kinds, and I just spent an hour or so gathered up a lot of them.

Today I took Michael and Trent out to select stickers for our vision boards. It felt awesome to blow serious money on the coolest, most interesting stickers I could find. On my canvas, I will combine them with pictures that show some aspect of who or what I want to be, what I want to do in the next couple of years and what I will accomplish. In the process,I'll make something beautiful.

I'm encouraging Trent to do it too, and coaxing Michael along in the process. Michael's not sticker obsessed, but he's willing to create a little visual magic. Meanwhile I am quietly whispering to Trent that he can use this exercise to create anything he wants and imagine himself as anything he wants to be. He has listened, and he did a great job of finding images and stickers that make his heart sing.

I'm glad. I love this stuff. Surround me with sharpies and stickers and colored bits of paper and things that look beautiful and I will glue them everywhere, in a spell that brings me exactly what I want and need most.
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My understanding of my Fires of Venus work:

[In the bedroom]

My understanding of my writing and Godhooks work:

[In the living room]

Both by painter Brandon Maldonando.


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