Apr. 6th, 2012

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Many new requests. Thinking of gentle, kind ways to say, "No" and "Not right now." I like "Maybe later." It's accurate, honest and gentle, and does not reject the other person. It just points out that this is not the right time. Things change all the time, so later, it might fit perfectly.
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I have an incredibly important meeting at noon this Monday. Reason would dictate that after this meeting, I should go get a massage or something. That would be logical.

But today I got a call from a woman who defends her dissertation in a week and a half. She needs someone to help her prepare and work with her a little bit to spin her talk. She doesn't have a coach or a mentor/ally. She just needs a little friendly push to help her get past this next scary bit.

And my meeting ends an hour before she has to teach a double only a few floors below me.

I know I should have said no. I know this.



I remember what it was like to be so scared. It meant so much to have people's help. It made all the difference in the world.

And who knows what she will go on to do, to change, to create, to make better and more beautiful in this world. Who knows what she will bring to us all.

I can schedule my massage for later, after both she and I have had our chance to shine.
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I'm at a ritual tonight and can't answer texts. I'll answer tomorrow. This is really cool/ I'm told this will be a relaxed and communicative ritual where you are encouraged to ask lots of questions and there's a lot of discussion. Perfect for me!


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