Mar. 27th, 2012


Mar. 27th, 2012 10:40 am
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Yesterday was kind of rough, but it ended well.

I didn't prepare far enough in advance for something very, very important and got caught between needing to do that and needing to handle something important that came up at the last minute. I only managed it all because Michael dropped everything he was doing to help me, and my mentor was kind and patient as well.

Of course, I initially panicked, then took a deep breath and did what had to be done. More importantly, all of this gave me the chance to see, very clearly, several patterns that don't work well for me:

1. Being nervous and stressed about things and refusing to step up and handle them in a timely way. This just doesn't work. It's OK to be nervous; it's OK to be stressed. But when I have a deadline looming for something that really matters, I need to prepare well in advance anyway.

If there's no deadline, I can give myself space. If there's a deadline, I need to step up.

2. Not testing new things during a trial run before I go 'on stage'. This is important. I need to remember that new things come with a learning curve and plan accordingly. Nothing will be perfect the first time out.

3. Staying up late to watch sci-fi after a stressful situation is an outdated coping mechanism that sets me up to stumble the next day, when I really need to be back on track and productive. Staying up late, in general, doesn't work for me, especially not on weekdays. I need to let go of this if I want to maintain my inner peace and happiness.

Now that I see these patterns, I need to let go of the self-critical feelings that accompany seeing them so clearly.

Being able to see them is a gift, because now I can shift them. Holding on to self-critical feelings will inhibit this process and make me less effective and more likely to stumble again in the future.

So I will say, "Thank you, Universe, for the opportunity to see this clearly. Now, I'll change these things, and be proud of myself that I can."
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Fifteen things to give up to preserve happiness.

Very wise. Thank you, [ profile] gwisteria.

For me, I let them go every day. I don't think I can do it just once and have it stick. :)
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People are 10s. Situations can be 7s.
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[ profile] onyxtwilight found this, and it is one of the many, many things I am thinking about.


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