Mar. 22nd, 2012

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I am excited for several things. On Easter weekend I and Michael are going to the Cloisters to see some of the oldest chess pieces in the world with one of our dear dear beloveds. Yay archaeology! While I had the phone in my hand, ready to text her and ask her if she was free that day, her text to me came through, the one with a photo of a NY music show on exactly the same day featuring Kate Bush songs. of course, we had not discussed a specific date at all. Go radar love! So that's the upcoming exciting thing: Easter weekend with S.

Also, I am spending Memorial Day weekend with another friend (and possibly up to three other friends, all dear dear dear) and I am excited about that, too. Woke up this morning and called her up, and when she answered the phone sang "Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo, here comes the sun, and I say, it's all right..." and she picked right up with me and sang along and it was beautiful.

Also there have been other big magicks here lately. I've needed good guidance about how to negotiate a particular kind of contract and it's a big deal. I've been digging around, like you do, asking people and summoning what I need. And I've gotten some great guidance. AND, a few days ago, a dear friend's dad, who has exactly the experience I need from exactly the place I need it, contacted me and said he was willing to share this information with me. Right afterwards, my dear friend and colleague Sandra urged me to look up something on the web, and through this search I discovered an upcoming webinar that covers exactly, and I mean exactly, what I need to know in great detail. I signed up immediately.

So I know all my senses are working and my radar is going strong and bringing me everything good that I want right now so very much.

I am so excited I could burst with happiness!

And I am so, so, so, so, so, SO grateful to be feeling this way again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Universe!
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I have passport stickers everywhere and I renewed my passport really fast because I DON"T WANT TO STAY HERE. I am going SOMEPLACE ELSE in my life.


Gigantic concrete metaphor for what I am calling!

Go cognitive chunking.
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”For starters, honey, I don’t believe in Hell–that’s just some old man’s way of telling me reasons why I can’t be me. Like “biology is destiny” means I have to be a boy.” – From “Lady Marmalade’s Special Place In Hell” by David Sklar
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I am at the Abundant Life Church in New Brunswick. All around me there are people crooning, walking, murmuring and praying.

I am tearing up.

It is so beautiful. My heart is so full, watching these beautiful people sing and pray unashamed and unafraid. We are all so beautiful in the moments we connect to the divine.

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"Winning tenure without losing your soul requires self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-mastery. The first aspect of your self that we focus on is your response to oppression."

Kerry Ann Rochquemore and Tracey Laszloffy, The Black Academic's Guide to Winning Tenure---Without Losing Your Soul, p. 7

Reading this excerpt, I am overcome with respect for its authors.

It is so full of win that I cannot even begin to deconstruct all the levels of wisdom represented here.

And WAIT till you read the rest of that paragraph...


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