Feb. 16th, 2012

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At the gym this morning I saw John, my coach. He walked over said, "A really good-looking man came up to me yesterday and said, 'Hi, you train my wife." He's very fit and I could tell he's a really nice guy."

I grinned and said, "Yeah, that's Michael. He's beautiful inside and out."

John smiled and said, "I'm glad for you. I told him you were very, very strong."

It feels great to know that other people can tell how good my man is right away. He just shines.

It also felt good to know that John recognizes my strength. It's a source of happiness for me---I've always wanted to be strong inside and out.

Right now, I'm working on endurance. That's new. For example...

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John is killing me with exercises and sets! He rightly points out that I am strong enough and I need to define and cut.

This requires a tremendous amount of energy and endurance. Right now I'm having to separate out each bodypart and just do that every day, mixing it with cardio. I find I need to limit what I do while I learn each move well enough to depend on body memory. So I've figured out that this will be a gradual process of building up.

I just can't do this kind of massive set/rep approach for two bodyparts at a time while integrating the new moves *and* doing cardio at the same time. No way!

This week and probably next I'm just going to do one bodypart at a time until the exercise are all second nature and I can dance through them with unbroken focus. At that point, I'll try combining two bodyparts at a time again, and then work through a whole-body cycle once a week.

When I've got that down, I'll see if I can step up to cycling through twice a week---no, probably, twice every week and a half.

I think it will take me two to three months to work up to that level.

That's good. I like long, carefully designed, cumulative improvement projects.

By the end I should be both strong and in possession of scads of endurance.
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So sorry, friends! I am trying to fix it.

I regret the spam!
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Tonight I tried to communicate many things. Some of my attempts went reasonably well. Others just got strange.

The attempt to get refills at the pharmacy was a gigantic clusterfuck of anguish, with a really, really nice woman trying desperately to help long after I would have chewed off my own arm to escape.

Then we went to Target to buy a bathroom rug. "Do you think we need a prescription to buy a rug?" Michael asked. "I don't know," I answered solemnly. "Let's hope this goes better."

But there, in the towel aisle, I had a moment of true weirdness that I'm not even going to try to explain. I'm just going to say that it led to Michael running away for dear life while desperately clutching two brown bathroom rugs. We both laughed hysterically as I chased him in an attempt to retrieve one of them. "I really NEED to understand this..." he gasped between bouts of hysteria, trying to get me to explain myself. "It's inexplicable," I choked back. "But it's harmless, so can't you just accept it?"

"I'm going to keep being weird whether you understand it or not," I finally said. "So you're asking me for permission to be crazy?" He asked incredulously.

In other families, things could have gone rather badly from here, but in ours, it just led to more laughter and a mutual acknowledgement of the ridiculousness of life.


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