Jan. 12th, 2012

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I'm learning crazy much right now. Mostly, I am starting to understand some really abstract teachings from the inside.

I've often thought that nothing can replace the learning you get from experiencing something and then sorting it all out for yourself. Being told this or that thing is helpful, but living it is where 90% of the benefit comes from. That's right where I am now: really living things I've only looked at from a bit of a distance.

I like to focus on cheerful things, on resilience, and on pressing forward. While they are very important, it's also unimaginably useful to sit with failure, collapse and loss. There are some lessons you can only learn from that place, and they are really important lessons.

This morning I found myself whispering, "Wow, I'm really grateful for this...I never understood this before, and I never would have, either, if this opportunity to suffer had not presented itself to me."

Almost immediately I said, "WHAT? Did I just say THANK YOU for this? Holy shit, what the hell am I thinking?"

And then a quiet, internal voice responded, "Yeah, you just said it. And can't you see how valuable this lesson is? Not just in a theoretical way, but in clear, absolutely concrete terms?"

And yeah, I can.

I can see it. And seeing it brings me something like peace.
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I saw this last night and really liked it.


The writing wasn't that great, but the unfolding relationship between Grendel and Beowulf was compelling. The movie's portrayal of Grendel was simply wonderful. Lots of extra points for the sheer, clean beauty of the Icelandic landscape, and for its very reasonable depiction of life during this historical period.

Also, the witch looked very much like you, [livejournal.com profile] castalusoria. She had your same kind of beauty.

I also thought of my many Asatru friends who I think would enjoy this, including you, [livejournal.com profile] the_smith_e.

You can stream it on Netflix.

Caveat: I love every rendition of the Beowulf story I've seen so far, including "The 13th Warrior". If this story isn't your thing, you may not like it. It is also very violent, as you might imagine.

Huge Plus: This film is *not* slick.
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An alternate version of The Descent of Inanna (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] evcelt) which caused me to scream with laughter and was quite sorely needed.

It is appropriately titled Inanna Goes Through a Lot Of Effort To Visit Relatives.


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